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“Simon Brows” | PETUMENTARIES (P003)

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For my third PETUMENTARIES – I was contacted by a friend who was entering her dog, Simon, into the 2021 American Humane – Hero Dog Award. She inquired about the PETUMENTARY service because she wanted to create a 2-3 minute video to help in promoting Simon for the annual award in their shelter category.

Simon is probably best known for his unique and distinct black markings above his eyes that resemble eyebrows. But, he’s also well known for taking part in dock diving competitions.

I became Facebook friends with Stephanie in December 2019, during the final year my dog, Preston, was alive. Her and I soon became real friends after he passed (on March 16, 2020), and she was my very first supporter when I began working on the doc-series – Once In A Lifetime, about Preston and his influence to my life and work in advocacy.

At the time of Stephanie’s inquiry into PETUMENTARIES, she shared her home with four dogs total – one of whom, Lili (aka Lil), is mentioned halfway through this video in regards to a recent cancer diagnosis. Coincidentally, a month or so after Preston passed, one of my girls, Era, was also diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently started chemotherapy around the same time Stephanie’s dog, Lili was diagnosed.

Sadly, the following day of the original release of Stephanie’s Simon PETUMENTARY – SIMON BROWS, she had to say goodbye to Lili. Unfortunately, Simon also didn’t win the Shelter Dog category of the 2021 American Humane – Hero Dog Award, but as you can see in this video, he is most definitely a hero…with eyebrows.

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related info:

Client: Stephanie Williams
Pet(s) Names/Species: Simon (dog)

Interviewed: Stephanie

Date of Completion: April 6, 2021


Produced by: River Fire Films, LLC

Directed & Edited by: Jeff Theman

Artist: Emmett Cooke
Track: “Operating In Harmony”

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