I Am Human. This Is My Dog.

I Am Human. This Is My Dog.

The podcast devoted to putting the individual back into the dog, as well as their human.

There Are No Accidents | Season 1, Episode 2

In this second episode – titled “There Are No Accidents“, of this inaugural season of the “I Am Human. This Is My Dog.” podcast, I turn my attention to breed specific legislation and the fight against Lakewood, Ohio’s proposed pit bull ban due to my intention to adopt Preston.

This episode covers just a few short months (May-July) in 2008, but gives the listener an sample of how unsettling these laws can be for those with family pets who are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of public officials, who are given the power to legislate against how a dog looks, declaring certain dogs vicious or dangerous based solely on appearance.

Shana Klein

President & Founder
For the Love of Pits

Interviewed on February 28, 2010

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