There Are No Accidents | Season 1, Episode 2

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Guests interviewed who appear in this episode include:

Shana Klein | Rescuer
For the Love of Pits
*originally recorded on February 28, 2010

Episode Credits:

Produced by:
River Fire Films, LLC

Hosted by:
Jeff Theman


Voiceover by:
Nat Lauzon

Artist: Huma-Huma
Track: “Crimson Fly”


Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Celestial”

Artist: Keys of Moon
Track: “Lonesome Journey”

Artist: Meydän
Track: “Story”

Artist: Atlantis
Track: “Audionautix”

Artist: Kai Engel
Track: “Brand New World”

Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Chasing Daylight”

Artist: The Mountain
Track: “Piano Documentary Ambient”

Artist: Alex MakeMusic
Track: “Dramatic Ambient Cinematic Piano”

Artist: Meydän
Track: “Blind”

Artist: Batchbug
Track: “The Preparation”

Artist: Meydän
Track: “Between”

Artist: Musictown
Track: “Cinematic Piano Atmosphere 4”

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