The Archives | 1870 (circa) Pit Bull Dog and Gentleman

This is the second edition of this – “The Archive” blog series, which gives an inside look into my personal physical collection of original historical artifacts I have acquired during production of my documentary films, and this one is truly special…

This image is dated post-Civil War, sometime around 1870. It is a gentleman sitting down smoking a pipe with a dog people today would call a pit bull. Since that term “pit bull” didn’t really make its way into our vocabularies until after the turn of the century, the dogs previously were more widely referred to simply as bull dogs. Or bull and terriers.

The photograph is called a tintype, which were a popular type of photograph in the 1860s through 1870s. This invention allowed photographers to speed up the development process of an image, to the point where a client could get a hardcopy back within 10-15 minutes of the shot being taken.

As with the first archive of this series, I do not know who the gentleman is, or his dog laying at his feet, but the significance of this piece of history to me is how long ago it was taken. If you think about it, many of these beings (human and dog) are forgotten-about over time, so in a way this series kinda brings those lives back to life again. And, that to me is pretty cool.

The Archives

This THE ARCHIVES blog entry is part of the research pre-production phase to the docuseries – “ONCE IN A LIFETIME“. For more information about the film, go to:

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