Located within the historic Lake View Cemetery – a notable resting place for some of Cleveland’s most prominent and influential past residents, is a mysterious, yet haunting, statue of an angel who appears to be weeping black tears running down her face. 

If you’re not careful driving through the 285 acres of land this stunning cemetery sits on, you’ll surely pass right by it since it’s set back from the road far enough making it easily missed. But, once you catch a glimpse of her, there is no mistaking the undeniable power of her appeal. 

Around Cleveland she is widely known as The Haserot Angel, although formally the statue is named The Angel of Death Victorious. It was created by acclaimed sculptor Herman Matzen in 1923, commissioned by Francis Henry Haserot after the death of his wife. 

The Angel of Death Victorious is holding a torch upside down meant to symbolize an extinguished life. Those blackened tears rolling down her face are actually caused by a century of the bronze aging and being exposed to the northeast Ohio weather. 

Nearly every year for the last decade around this same time in October – the most scenic time in Cleveland with fall colors taking over the once green foliage of summer, I make it a priority to visit Lake View Cemetery, and specifically to see The Haserot Angel. 

The above gallery of images were taken on October 28, 2018. 

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