2 Miles

somewhere between wall street and main street is life on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’

Project Overview

2 Miles” is a true crime documentary examining a road-less-traveled called Train Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Notoriously known as Trash Avenue – for the last 120+ years this two mile paved artery has become the illegal garbage dumping destination for the city’s westside. 

Because of its position along the railroad tracks, tucked away in a valley out of plain view coupled with a lack of any real intervention, this has afforded nefarious characters the opportunity to carry out and commit a host of crimes to the environment and violent acts against animals as well as people without much fear of getting caught. 

Tons and tons of old tires, mattresses and other trash dumped annually. Dozens of dead dogs found in trash bags discarded over the years. The many robberies, rapes, and murders committed over the past century, makes Train Avenue appear beyond repair. 

Every major city has a Train Avenue of its own – a place where reinvestment opportunities are far and few between and rules aren’t equal as they are in their affluent counterparts.

This film intends on creating dialogue about what’s allowed in downtrodden cities and neighborhoods, while exploring our rarely talked about global trash crisis.  

"2 Miles" | Concept Trailer

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Train Avenue | Past, Present & Future