2 Miles

“Somewhere between Wall Street and Main Street is life on the ‘other side’ of the tracks”

Project Overview

2 Miles” is a true crime documentary thriller exposing our trash crisis, and how the lack of resources and reinvestment dollars contribute to the further decline of already vulnerable neighborhoods and cities.

For over 120 years, Cleveland’s Train Avenue has existed virtually unchanged. Tucked away in a valley out of plain view, this two mile stretch of road is notoriously known as the illegal dumping spot on the city’s westside, where tons of trash are routinely discarded without repercussion.

The lack of enforcement and intervention has invited nefarious characters the opportunity to carry out and commit a host of violent crimes towards people, animals and the environment without much fear of getting caught red handed.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom on Train Avenue. For those who get to know this road less traveled, fall in love with its beauty, potential and odd sense of peace.  

"2 Miles" | Concept Trailer

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Train AVenue | Past, Present & Future