Meet Jeff

My Life's Work.

My work is best summed up as a collection of different creative mediums coming together for the purpose of delivering engaging content to begin meaningful conversations. 

Founder of River Fire Films, LLC

Who I Am

My name is Jeff Theman, and I am the human behind River Fire Films. For over 45 years there have been two main constants in my life – an inherent love for dogs and the arts.

From the moment I was able to pick up a pencil and put it to paper, I knew I’d spend the rest of my life creating things. From drawing and painting, to creative writing and photography, one form of artistic expression led to another, and then another, and so on and so forth.

Nowadays, I spend the majority of my time as an independent filmmaker. But, above all, I am a story-teller.

It won’t take long to see a trend in the projects I tend to gravitate towards, as most feature dogs in some capacity. On a personal level, I like dogs because of their natural ability to cross through the entire social, political and/or economic spectrum of people. Because, generally speaking, human beings love dogs, and that makes them an invaluable tools when attempting to reach a wide audience when potentially discussing sensitive topics.

Feel free to browse through examples of my work below. If you’d like to inquire about one of my projects, or a service I offer, or would like to discuss a project of your own, please drop me a note using the contact form.

Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Web Design & Management

I am an experienced filmmaker; a competent director, producer and video editor, who excels at managing the workflow of projects, big or small, from concept to completion. From full feature documentary films exploring compelling topics, to freelance consumer and business video production services, I give each project my full love and attention to detail.

Below are some examples of my work:

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"2 Miles" | Documentary

A concept trailer to the documentary “2 Miles”. 

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"Once In A Lifetime" | Docu-series

A concept trailer to the documentary series “Once In A Lifetime”. 

Photography Projects

Most of my creative energy is spent making films and videos. While I do love filmmaking, it is a longer process to get the final result. Which is why I enjoy photography, because the shot of dopamine you get is more instantaneous.

I have and do accept freelance photography assignments. Generally the assignments I get are event photography. But, when I shoot for fun I am generally interested in landscapes, urban cityscapes, nature, and, of course – dogs and their humans. 

Below are some examples of my work:


If you haven’t already noticed, dogs are a common theme and source of inspiration for many of my personal projects and freelance services I offer. This section about advocacy pertains to my work with the human-canine bond, where both my creative side and love for dogs cross paths. 

Below are some of the news media I have been featured in: