Once In A Lifetime

“We don’t find the dogs we want;
The dogs we need find us”

Project Overview

Once In A Lifetime” is a documentary film series exploring the human-canine bond through the lens of the ongoing controversial history surrounding pit bull dogs. 

Dogs are widely consider (hu)man’s best friend. For thousands of years they have accompanied us while serving a number of purposes; Assisting in working roles such as hunting, livestock guarding and herding, as well as for general companionship. 

But, since the 1980s, one type of dog has been at the center of political wars, declared a danger to the public if not appropriately regulated. They are said to be the most common dog found in dogfighting raids, and the primary villain singled-out in laws called breed specific legislation (BSL). 

The dogs we are talking about are often simply called – pit bulls. 

"Once In A Lifetime" | Concept Trailer

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A Love Story Told Through The Lens Of the Politics Of Pit Bull Dogs

More Than A Dog

On July 6, 2006, Preston and two other dogs were taken by humane investigators during a drug bust in Akron (OH) under the suspicion they were being used in dogfighting.

Meet Jeff

My name is Jeff Theman, and I am the human behind River Fire Films. For over 45 years there have been two constants in my life – an inherent love for dogs and the arts.

The Archives

Learn about the complicated history of pit bull dogs through photographs, newspaper articles, and other historical archives in this special blog series.

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