river fire films

our organization:
Founded in 2007, River Fire Films, LLC is a small digital media company based in Cleveland, Ohio, with a passion for video production, photography and creative writing – all effective forms of story telling.  read more…

  • our films:
    Our specialty is creating compelling documentary films with character-driven stories, oftentimes examining human social issues in the process.  read more…

  • our services:
    River Fire Films was formed in 2007 as the production company responsible for director, Jeff Theman, first film – “Guilty “Til Proven Innocent“, but has evolved to include ‘for-hire’ services, including videography, photography and creative writing assignments.  read more…

    • Videography
        • Petumentaries >> 5-10 minute short documentary about your pet.
        • Promotional Videos >>
        • Event Videography >>
    • Photography
        • Event Photography >>
        • Commercial Photography >>
        • Fine Art >>
    • Creative Writing
        • Guest Blogs >>

  • our store:
    The only place to find and purchase merchandise for River Fire Films’ films, videography and photography.

  • our contact:
    To inquire about your next video and/or photography project, go to contact page.