I Am Human. This Is My Dog.

Project Overview

Introducing the “I Am Human. This Is My Dog” podcast – the show devoted to putting the individual back into the dog, as well as their human, while also examining difficult, and oftentimes controversial, animal welfare-related topics that have been largely ignored, but are critical for real progress.

In this inaugural season, I recount my time as an aspiring filmmaker about to begin my documentary directorial debut by examining dogfighting in the immediate aftermath of the 2007 Michael Vick case. The following year, that project took a detour after meeting and falling madly in love with a little black dog named Preston. And, my life changed forever…

"I Am Human. This Is My Dog" | Latest Episode

Special Announcement

The inaugural season of the “I Am Human. This Is My Dog.” podcast was intended on examining the rise and fall of popular dog trainer, Steffen Baldwin – who currently is the defendant named in a 39 count felony court case (State of Ohio v. Steffen Evan Baldwin), with charges ranging from bribery, telecommunications fraud and a dozen or so allegations of cruelty to a companion animal, to name a few.

But, due to how painfully slow the legal system moves with continuances and other delays, this examination was forced to be put on hold because the defendant, his accusers, as well as other expert witnesses, were forbidden to speak on record until the conclusion of the case. 

That all soon will change, as Mr. Baldwin’s court date has been made official and his trial will officially resume on January 8, 2024.

I had thoughts about starting a podcast as far back as 2017. When it came time to finally begin one, it was motivated by a built-up frustration over the previous 15 years of involvement in animal welfare, where I observed a near total lack of leadership, transparency and accountability, which produced predictable outcomes of unnecessary suffering. 

So, when the Steffen Baldwin case came to light, it had all the important ingredients to use critical thinking and turn into valuable lessons.

My intention while Mr. Baldwin’s case has been in legal limbo was to do a full season on how I got here and the dog that inspired it all.

But, only four episodes completed and since his court date has been made official, I am going to be slowly incorporating Steffen Baldwin into this Season 1. 

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