“Fostering Purpose” | PETUMENTARY (P002)

View “Fostering Purpose”

Client: Kristin Boyd
Pets Names and Species: Bieber (dog) and Hank (dog)
Interviewed: Kristin and Karen Albury (mother)

Date of Completion: July 15, 2020

Music Credits:
Wayne Jones | “Resolution”
Chris Haugen | “Dream Lagoon”
Late Night Feeler | “Run Until Your Wings Grow”

Published by PrestonsPerch

“Preston’s Perch” is a blog that began in 2011 as a way to express observations about dog-related issues. The name came to me after observing my dog, Preston, perching himself atop the back of the couch to be able to see out the window. So fittingly, this blog is the perch - a secure, elevated vantage point, that serves the purpose to get a better view of the complexity life offers.

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