Who We Are.

Established in September 2007, River Fire Films is a small digital media company based in Cleveland, Ohio with a focus on the documentary genre.

Our objective is to produce quality and engaging stories about compelling and complex topics told through our original documentary films, podcasts, and other creative digital content.

Aside from our own projects, River Fire Films also offers for-hire consumer and business services, covering all phases of production – from concept to completion.

Origin Of Name

The original photograph used to create the River Fire Films logo | taken August 29, 2007

When it came time to choose a meaningful name to represent a video production company based in Cleveland, Ohio, aspiring independent filmmaker – Jeff Theman, decided to pay homage to his hometown.

While true – the name and logo depict a scene from a grim and embarrassing period of Cleveland’s past when the Cuyahoga River caught fire (13 times in recorded history, with the last known occurring in 1969) due to severe pollution caused by untamed industrialization.

As a proud Clevelander himself, he was tired of constantly having to defend the city and its oftentimes unwarranted reputation to outsiders.

Even some locals may not see the name as a flattering endorsement…but rather another unnecessary low blow to add to the decades of being the butt of every joke on late night television.

In the case of the Cuyahoga, the aftermath of that ’69 fire helped spark a national movement for more environmental awareness and regulation in support of protecting our lakes, rivers and other waterways with the formation of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970, and later, the passage of the Clean Water Act of 1972.

An early rendering of the River Fire Films logo | circa 2007
An early rendering of the River Fire Films logo | circa 2007

So, the name River Fire Films symbolizes the grittiness and resilience shown by the people of this region, while in the face of extreme adversity and doubt. And, because of that, something beautiful was born.

The projects River Fire Films produces are intended on creating “Motion Pictures with a Purpose”.


Founder of River Fire Films, LLC