River Fire Films

Established in 2007, River Fire Films is a small digital media company based in Cleveland, Ohio with a focus on bringing audiences unique and compelling stories about complex topics with the purpose of advancing dialogue through original documentary films, promotional videos, podcasting and photography.

River Fire Films also offers for-hire consumer and corporate videography services.

The Filmmaker

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My name is Jeff Theman, and over 45 years there have been two main constants in my life – dogs and the arts. From the moment I was able to pick up a pencil and put it to paper I knew I’d spend the rest of my life being creative in some way, shape or form.

From drawing sketches to writing poetry, I have dabbled in a variety of different ways of artistic expression. It seems one always led to another, and then another…and yet another.

After spending two years writing a screenplay with the intention to turn those 110 typewritten pages into a feature film, I was unable to keep a cast and crew together long enough to begin production, so I turned my attention to documentary film for my directorial debut, and by September 2007 officially formed River Fire Films, LLC.

Let’s build something together.