“Great Stakes”©

A documentary film examining the importance of the Great Lakes – the largest collective body of fresh water on planet Earth.

Production officially began in January 2020, and is tentatively slated to be completed by mid-late 2021.
“Great Stakes” Website »»»

“Once In A Lifetime”©

A documentary film which shows the profound relationship between dog and his human. A little black dog labeled “pit bull”, who changed the course of his adoptive guardian’s life, while saving it in the process.

Currently in production, there is no timeframe for its completion.

Train Ave“©

A documentary film about a talented artist shows compassion for deceased dogs in a hauntingly beautiful way, who were found along a forgotten about road in a downtrodden Cleveland westside neighborhood, opening dialogue about a little-known secret of the area’s past and present in an attempt to change its future.

Production began in February 2014, and was completed in January 2020.
“Train Ave” Website »»»

Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent“©

In July 1987, the state of Ohio passed heavy restrictions on “pit bull” dog ownership after a fatal incident occurred in Dayton (OH), as well as the trending national narrative in the media about the dogs at the time. This film examines the dangerous dog debate, and asks the important question – Do we have a dangerous dog breed problem, or just dangerous laws targeting dogs?

Production originally began in 2007, was originally released in 2013. In 2019, it was re-released completely re-edited, enhanced and updated.
“Guilty Til Proven Innocent” Website »»»

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