If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, How Many Is A Video Worth?

  • * 2-3 Minute Video
  • * One (1) Pet
  • * Professional Quality
  • and more….
  • * 5-10 Minute Video
  • * Up To Three (3) Pets
  • * Professional Quality
  • and more…

Our pets are more than just animals – they are family. And, when we lose them to illness or old age, we find solace in our photographs and other items to remember them by. This is the foundation for “Petumentaries by River Fire Films“, and why it is an invaluable investment.

We make your pet a star in your own short documentary!

How It Work:

Cleveland-based documentary filmmaker Jeff Theman will direct, edit and produce a short film about your pet(s) that your family will be able to watch, share and cherish for the rest of your lives. And. we’re here to turn that into reality!

The Human-Animal Bond fascinates us. Pets give us unconditional love and companionship. They often make us better human beings. This idea was born from this theory. And, we’re firm believers that everyone has an interesting story to be told – it’s how we connect and relate to each other. There’s no better vehicle to connect humans than our pets. Everyday common people with everyday common pets doing wonderful things to help fulfill out lives.

First, you choose between two packages:


  1. Royalty-Free Music Capturing The Mood
  2. Professional Quality
  3. Choose Your Film Title
  4. Progress Reports Throughout Production
  5. Up To 2 Revisions
  6. Final Video Delivered Typically Within 2 Weeks (*see NEEDED FROM YOU section)

This service is special for both living or departed beloved pets. Like a photograph, it’s a snapshot in time that is preserved digitally. But, Petumentaries captures the soul of your pet in ways a photograph cannot.

Needed From You:

  • Provide audio recording (on or off camera) providing the back story. You can include as many family and friends as you’d like to have interviewed talking about your special pet.
    • While video is much more impactful, audio recording taken from a smartphone will suffice.
  • Provide photographs, video, relevant documents (i.e adoption/veterinary paperwork, news media stories, etc) to help tell their story.
    • Please ensure these images are clear – the higher the resolution, the better.

Additional Information:

  • While you own the completed short film, “Petumentaries” is an entity of River Fire Films, and may be used for promotional purposes. If you wish to not allow River Fire Films to use your video to promote this service, you may opt out in writing.
  • In-Person scheduling for conducting interviews and obtaining footage of your pet is an option, but only offered to Cleveland (OH) area residents. Assistance for all other customer locations is done through voice/video calls, email and/or text. For an additional fee covering travel and time expenses, assistance in all other areas can be accommodated if scheduled in advance.
  • There is a large database of free Royalty-Free music to choose from that helps capture the mood you desire. Unfortunately River Fire Films cannot use licensed music (non-royalty free)- think mainstream music you hear on the radio, due to legal ramifications.

Examples of Previous Work:

an example of a “Petumentary” Lite