“The Wendy Effect” | PETUMENTARY (P004)

When I decided to begin offering a service that gave the general public an option to have a short documentary done of their pets, told through their human(s), I knew my immediate clients would most likely come from friends and family. So far, that assumption has been true. When the opportunity presented itself to doContinue reading ““The Wendy Effect” | PETUMENTARY (P004)”

“Simon Brows” | PETUMENTARY (P003)

For my third PETUMENTARIES – I was contacted by a friend who was entering her dog, Simon, into the 2021 American Humane – Hero Dog Award. She inquired about the PETUMENTARY service because she wanted to create a 2-3 minute video to help in promoting Simon for the annual award in their shelter category. SimonContinue reading ““Simon Brows” | PETUMENTARY (P003)”

“More Than Love” | PETUMENTARY (P001)

The very first completed PETUMENTARIES by River Fire Films was titled – “More Than Love”, about how Terri Bisgrove acquired her three special dogs named Athena, Hannah and Roc, told by her with additional commentary by her son, Jordan, and mother, Amy. I’m a big believer that dogs make us more social with other humanContinue reading ““More Than Love” | PETUMENTARY (P001)”