The Prelude | Season 1, Episode 1

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This first episode of the inaugural “I Am Human. This Is My Dog.” podcast primarily focuses on the beginning of the Michael Vick dogfighting case from 2007, when federal authorities raided his property on April 25th for a drug bust, discovering dozens of pit bull dogs and dogfighting paraphernalia.

I recount my time as an aspiring filmmaker, who began production on a documentary film examining dogfighting – started the day NFL star quarterback Michael Vick was suspected of being engaged in the activity. I discuss what I did as a new filmmaker covering the plight of pit bull dogs, leading up to meeting a dog named Preston in May 2008 and my introduction into laws called breed specific legislation.

Images: (1) Vick Protests 08:24; (2) Vick Pleads 09:28; (3) Filmmaker Jeff Theman interviewing PETA 22:15; (4) PETA’s Laura Brown 22:42; (5) HSUS John Goodwin 28:57; (6) Lakewood, Ohio Proposes Pit Bull Ban 35:44; (7) Lakewood City Councilman Brian Powers 35:47.

Guests interviewed who appear in this episode include:

Kathy Hessler | Professor
Case Western Reserve School of Law
*originally recorded on February 8, 2008

Laura Brown | Animal Care Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
*originally recorded on May 5, 2008

John P. Goodwin | Deputy Manager of Animal Fighting Issues
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
*originally recorded on May 6, 2008

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Episode Credits:

Produced by:
River Fire Films, LLC

Hosted by:
Jeff Theman


Voiceover by:
Nat Lauzon

Artist: Huma-Huma
Track: “Crimson Fly”


Artist: Miguel Johnson
Track: “Longer Way To Go”

Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Adrift Among Infinite Stars”

Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Decoherence”

Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Undertow”

Artist: Silent Partner
Track: “Court And Page”

Artist: Alexander Nakarada
Track: “Forest Walk”

Artist: Meydän
Track: “Blind”

Artist: Meydän
Track: “Please Wake Up”

Artist: Purrple Cat
Track: “Silent Wood” 

Artist: Esther Abrami
Track: “No. 4 Piano Journey”

Artist: Scott Buckley
Track: “Celestial”

Archival Footage:

Associated Press
CBS Sportsline
NPR Morning Edition
Fox News
WTIC Fox 61
NPR Day To Day
WXIA 11 Alive

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