Once In A Lifetime

Once In A Lifetime

This is the fifth edition of “The Archives”, a blog series intended to give an inside look into the complicated past of pit bull dogs through photographs, newspaper articles and other historical artifacts pertaining to this controversial debate. 

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The Archives – 1915 WWI Poster

Since today is Memorial Day, I felt it was only appropriate to share an vintage piece from the archive that features both a pit bull dog with a U.S. military theme. Thankfully for me, this type of dog was prominently placed in propaganda posters and other items during WWI, and often used to depict the United State’s foreign policy position.

"I'm Neutral, But Not Afraid Of Any Of Them" | 1915 WWI Poster by Wallace Robinson
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I’m Neutral, But Not Afraid Of Any Of Them” is an original lithograph from a well-known artist of the time named Wallace Robinson, whose work regularly focused on American patriotism during the war.

The American Bull Terrier (notice the word “pit” was excluded…) in the middle with an American flag draped around his neck to signify his firm allegiance to the United States. Positioned to his left sits an English Bulldog for Britain and German Dachshund for Germany. To his right a French Bulldog and Russian Wolfhound.

This specific piece was produced by Wallace Robinson soon after WWI began in the year 1915, but this artist also created several other designs which included pit bull dogs depicting the United States, including a variation of the featured piece. I have a few of them in my personal collection and it’s more than likely they will eventually end up in future entries as part of this series.

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