“More Than Love” | PETUMENTARY (P001)

The very first completed PETUMENTARIES by River Fire Films was titled – “More Than Love”, about how Terri Bisgrove acquired her three special dogs named Athena, Hannah and Roc, told by her with additional commentary by her son, Jordan, and mother, Amy.

I’m a big believer that dogs make us more social with other human beings. They’re good conversation starters, for one – especially on walks at the park with complete strangers doing the same, and they allow for the potential of future dialogue that can build into genuine friendships.

I was first introduced to Terri through my sister, as they were neighbors living in the same development. I don’t know the details about how they initially began talking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it started because of the dogs. Terri had her three and my sister had at least that many living in her home.

The idea of this PETUMENTARIES service was hatched after my own dog, Preston, had his first health scare with seizures after he became anemic in early 2019. I didn’t know how much time I had left to be with him, and before his eventual passing on March 16, 2020 I knew my next film project (see “Once In A Lifetime“) would be on Preston’s impact in my life as an advocate of dogs, a filmmaker and a human being.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?”


Being a documentary filmmaker – who seems to be influenced by and incorporate dogs in his productions, it felt natural to also offer the public an opportunity to have their own dogs (and/or other pets) story’s told in a short documentary, so they too can have a keepsake that will last forever. Hence how this service called PETUMENTARIES was born.

Sometime in early 2020 – about a month prior to Preston passing, I officially made this service available through River Fire Films, and Terri was the first one to message me to inquire about PETUMENTARIES, as she recently lost Hannah (on November 22, 2019) and wanted something to remember all three while they were together.

Once Preston passed, I spent some alone time to grieve, while also dealing with my other dogs – Era and Fergie, and their health issues that immediately surfaced after Preston was gone. Finally, on June 20, 2020 I visited Terri’s home, and sat down and interviewed her and members of her family, and of course met Athena and Roc. A week or so later, Terri’s Petumentary – More Than Love was finished. Because the relationship we have with dogs is in fact – more than just love.

UPDATE: On May 26, 2021, Athena sadly passed away, as well.


Client: Terri Bisgrove
Pets Names and Species: Athena (dog), Hannah (dog) and Roc (dog)
Interviewed: Terri, Jordan Capocasa (son) and Amy Hunady (mother)

Date of Completion: July 4, 2020

Music Credits:
Emmett Cooke | “Our Life Story”
Emmett Cooke | “Tip Toe Across The Room”
Jesse Gallagher | “The Anunnaki Return”
Wayne Jones | “Undercover”

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